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Face Reading

Master Vasista Ram Best Face Reading Specialists in Adelaide

What makes us feel good or joyful? Whenever anyone compliments our outfit, haircut, or appearance early in the morning, it usually brightens our day. What you need now is a wide smile on your face to attract positive energy in all directions. Humans have such a peculiar tendency that we worry more about what others think of us than we do about believing in ourselves. Our face characteristics and personalities are inextricably linked. So, let’s discuss Face Reading in this.

What is face Reading, and how does it work?

Face reading is a technique for deducing information about a person’s character, personality, abilities, and traits to get an opportunity to get to know them. It is also known as Personology Physiognomy. We are all aware of palm reading, which is among the most prominent techniques to predict fortune and destiny. On the other hand, Face Reading is a technique based on a person’s facial structure, features, or emotions, which can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Nevertheless, one might utilise face reading to gain a deeper understanding of a person’s behaviour. Furthermore, it enables an individual to judge a person simply by shaking their hands.

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    Face reading is an ancient Chinese technique that dates back to the period of the Yellow Emperor. Face Reading Chinese has been used to identify adverse effects to human health at the time. Face Reading is helpful in various situations, such as job interviews, blind dates, meeting new friends, and so on, and therefore can assist you to avoid making poor decisions. Physiognomy, on the other hand, is a difficult skill to learn. To understand people’s minds and gain insights into their personalities, you should have a strong desire to do so.

    To perfect the Face Reading technique, one must first learn to identify facial expressions and then link them to a person’s appearance.


    In youth, the forehead indicates one’s luck (from 15 to 30). A good forehead looks full and smooth, free of sloppy lines, bad moles, or scars, but not narrow, darkish, or gloomy.


    Eyebrows are a symbol of good health and life. The drooping brows signify a strained relationship between brothers and friends and making new friends with villains.


    Wealth and status are linked to the eyes. They are beautiful and have a sharp look for analysing people’s personalities.


    A perfect nose does have a length equal to the width of the forehead and width based on the size of an eye just at the end.


    Lips are a symbol of good fortune and wealth. Thick lips indicate potential pleasures as well as a sense of contentment. If it has a split chin, it indicates laziness or dishonesty.


    Ears can detect changes in a person’s behaviour. You can, nevertheless, listen or focus on factors that assist you in identifying a person’s nature.


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