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Relationship problems

Relationship problems in adelaide Pandith Vasista Ram

Relationships are crucial in life. It is, in fact, an essential aspect of life. No one can live a life without having a relationship with somebody.
It falls under the category of a human’s essential requirement. Pandit Vasista Ram receives several cases of connections daily. In this article, he will explain what kind of issues arise in relationships and how astrology can assist in overcoming these issues.

Factors that influence any relationship include:

Friendship is lacking.

It is a critical factor that you must evaluate initially. If a relationship is a harm, it indicates a behavioural issue. Maintaining any friendship necessitates friendly behaviour. Don’t try to be bossy or exhibit your rudeness; instead, try to be a friend to your spouse.

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    Expectations are different.

    It is also a crucial point. If one of the partners has been unable to understand what is expected of the other, distance is gradually created.

    Anxiety and Stress.

    Any form of tension and anxiety, whether caused by official work or an external occurrence, will cause problems in your relationship if you express it at home.

    Problems with Unemployment or Loss Of a job

    It is not uncommon for someone unemployed to develop depression and begin misbehaving for a long time. So, in this instance, it’s crucial to keep yourself calm and help your partner while theyconfront the downturn patiently.

    Violence in the Relationship

    Any violence with a partner is a severe factor for a couple’s separation. It is preferable to recognize the value of a spouse and refrain from using violence.

    Relationship Problems Caused by Planetary Positions:

    Astrology discloses everything, and it is best to see a skilled love astrologer find out the real reasons for our relationship troubles. Here are some of the planetary positions that impact one’s personal life. If a malefic planet is in the first house and is conjunct the partnership point, it may well harm the relationship or
    If there is a negative relationship between happiness & partnership, it will impair the relationship.

    How Can Astrology Help In Resolving Relationship Issues?

    Pandit Vasista Ram uses this approach to resolve the issues when problems emerge in any relationship: For analysis, both people’s birth dates are required. A detailed analysis is carried out; following the research, and solutions are supplied through gems, pooja, and occult sciences.


    As a result, astrology can be highly helpful in resolving relationship issues. If you or someone you know is having relationship troubles, don’t panic; consult with Pandit Vasista Ram and learn the best ways to solve the situation using astrology.